Jaqie provides personalized service for a wide range of clients. She specializes as a transitional coach for those experiencing life’s challenges, as well as those who are actively seeking a more rewarding experience in areas of employment, personal relationships, and other life issues…

~ Life Skills Coaching & Mentoring – Individual, Relationship, or Family Sessions

As a multi-trained and highly intuitive counsellor, Jaqie offers clear advice from a holistic point of view and perspective. She counsels her clients from the point of view of their soul and their soul’s life’s lessons. Her inner vision provides people with insight into their psyche that includes:

  • past life patterns brought forward into this life
  • self-esteem issues related to the ‘wounded self’
  • new and different approaches that will provide insight and healing.

Jaqie also offers spiritual insight, clarity and wisdom. Her sense of humour comes forward in all of her work and it is important to bring lightness and compassion to each session or workhop.

~ Career Counselling with a Focus on Life’s Purpose

Each person has his or her own mission or purpose in life. Some people call this their “vocation”.  Jaqie assists individuals and groups in identifying the work that ‘makes their heart sing’.

Her career counselling includes short term and long term plans that will enable the individual to move forward with well defined goals and clear vision.

~ Stress Management Workshops and Classes

Jaqie’s workshops and classes place an emphasis on the importance of personal growth and development as it pertains to reducing stress and conflict within each client’s daily routine. Classes include:

  • Superwoman, Leave Your Cape at the Door
  • Who is driving the bus in your life?
  • Living in the Present Moment

These popular classes have been held in Toronto, and in the Vancouver region. The primary focus is on the importance of self-care on all levels. Tools are offered to assist in changing the attitude of “I don’t matter,” to one of “my well being on all levels is of importance to me”.  Very insightful material is offered in these presentations and they have been well received by people from the corporate world, high school assemblies, and Municipality Parks and Recreation boards.

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~ Flower Essences

What are flower essences? The following description was taken from the Green Hope Farm website which can be found here.

“Flower Essences are problem-solving tools for whenever we feel out of balance. They are like road maps, only our minds do not have to read and process the information. Our electrical systems do this work instead and much more effectively than our minds, which usually want to interject a whole lot of other ideas into the fray.

Flower Essences offer wonderful healing information about a vast array of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual concerns. The information is offered in a way readily accessible to us. Not only does this guidance lead us towards greater health and well being, but Flower Essences also help each of us to remember our true eternal identity as one with God, an irreplaceable part of all that is.”

Consultations can be arranged by phone.

~ Intuitive, Clairvoyant Readings

Jaqie’s sensory gifts include psychic, clairvoyant, and clairaudient abilities. Sessions are about assisted self-discovery, insight, and practical solutions, which allow her clients to find balance, happiness, prosperity, and fullfillment as their most authentic selves.

~ In-house Meditation Classes for Beginners or Advanced Students

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