JaqieJaqie is a gifted, heart-centered intuitive, spiritual counsellor, life skills coach, and workshop facilitator. She offers clarity regarding life issues to each of her clients, in a comfortable setting, whether that be a one-on-one session or with a group.

Jaqie’s own quest for personal growth and development began with self-study and contemplation over 20 years ago. Being formally trained as a Career Counsellor & Coach, and receiving certification in multiple disciplines has since opened the door for a more rich and rewarding life, in which she is able to offer her Wise Woman experience to others. Her practical training integrates beautifully with her ability to tap into various higher vibrations and frequencies, thus allowing her to offer multi-faceted advice and direction to her clients. Her aim in life is to be of service to all forms of life, with compassion, humour, lightness and wisdom.

Professional Certifications

  • Employment Counselor – Diploma
  • Job Club Facilitator    – Certified
  • True Colors Trainer – Level 1 – Certified
  • Personality Dimensions Facilitator – Level 1 – Certified

Further Training

  • Reiki 1 and 2 – Certified
  • Certified Huna Practitioner in the Healing and Shamanistic Science of Huna
  • Communication Workshops and Trainings in Toronto and Vancouver
  • Multiple  metaphysical trainings, lectures and workshops in Canada and U.S.