On The Patio

On the patio at this time of the year I sit on my comfy chair to reflect, to rest,to relax, to restore, to recover, and to realize. As I look, feel, see and smell with all of my senses become aware of so much. It is like an explosion of the senses.

What do I see on the patio?
The beautiful flowers with their rich, vibrant colours, the greenery is so warm and inviting, the prayer flags flowing in the breezes, the Buddha who reminds me of the Spiritual aspect of life, the spider spinning its web, Smokey the cat who is having her afternoon nap on the patio. and the afternoon sun is blessing our neighborhood and I see the very large magnificent trees friends and bushes off in the distance. (Oh how I love my tree friends).

What do I hear on the patio?
I hear the soothing music in the background coming from the t.v.  I hear the twitter of birds, I hear the occasional car and motorcycle go by, and  I hear my own breathing in this quiet restful nurturing place.

What do I smell while on the patio?
The flowers and the aromas that are in the air from various sources.

What do I feel on the patio?
I feel the energies of the plants and foliage and it simply feels like I am connecting to something special, something that is tranquil, something that is Divine.
I feel much gratitude for this special place I have where I can read, where I can write,where I can have a meal under the umbrella, I can play a puzzle under the umbrella and I can simply JUST BE, On the patio.

Until next time please remember that you are valued, appreciated and loved.

This entry was posted on August 5, 2018.

The Mind

The current political crisis’ that we are experiencing on our planet is a clear and real demonstration of how our mind’s work – all that we are seeing, hearing and or reading about is about simply what people have been thinking about in their busy and active minds – ways they can maim, destroy and wanting to act out their thoughts, their beliefs, their points-of-view, and their made-up strategies.
This is the reality that they have created for all of us to be witness to.
This is truly a wake-up call for all of humanity.
What can we do to change things in our own lives – I suggest we remember daily this “ALL IS MIND”.

Let There Peace on this Sweet Earth and Let it Begin with Me.

Warm Blessings to you and all,

This entry was posted on November 25, 2015.

Life is about change, St. Germaine

I am St. Germaine. Thank you for the invitation to speak to you to-day.
In these times of change on your planet, nothing much remains the same. Every where you look the winds of change are in your midst. Someone once said “what you resist will persist”.
If you resist change life you will find to be challenging, and cause you to be unhappy and you will feel victimized by the situations and or the circumstances.
Life is about change, Life is about growing, learning and expanding one’s consciousness in order that you become the Christ Consciousness that you were meant to be according to the Divine Plan. Every person has their own role to play within the Divine Plan.
Many resist change, many try to control the circumstances or situations in their lives simply because they are afraid. It is the fear-based Ego Self that keep them in this place of fear. The fear based ego is what they are identifying with not the Authentic Self. We hear people say that the Ego Self is “Who I am!” It is clearly time to clarify those statements – who you are is an aspect of the Divine, your true Nature is Divine, your true Nature is Spirit, Your true Nature is Love.
In order for you to expand your consciousness, your awareness towards this knowing of who you really are sit with oneself in silence daily, in meditation and listen to the “sweet small voice within”. In the silence there I AM. Sitting and contemplating on the question “Who am I?? will be quite revealing.
Your heart-felt feelings, your inner guidance will set you free from the jaded, fear-based ego.
I am St. Germaine.
Until next time …….
This entry was posted on October 28, 2015.

We always have the choice…

“We can either let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us, and make us kinder.  We always have the choice”.  The Dalai Lama
This entry was posted on July 12, 2015.