Does being BUSY all of the time really serve you???

Greeting to all:

Have you ever wondered in life “What am I doing here?” other than paying bills, making sure the mortgage payment is made on time, or better still – What is my relationship with myself like?? Do I live a balanced Life?? or am I all about “busyness” that most of us who live on the Western Hemisphere of the planet consider that is the way to live one’s life. We have been advised by those who have guided and cared for us as children that keeping ourselves busy is the way to live our lives. For those of us who have and or are raising our children we have encouraged the same behaviour. Large and small corporations/companies in our Western Culture support us to be busy bees when we’re hired by them in order for us to be paid well for the services we provide.
As parents our children follow our example, just as we have and are doing.

Does all of this Busyness really serve us??

I suggest that being the busy bees we have become we are more like robots. We have forgotten to breath in a way that our bodies feel nourished by, we have forgotten to listen to our Intuitive knowing, our Inner guidance, we have become so reactive and impulsive in our decision making that we make a lot of mistakes, our relationships often are on the decline, and we definitely are not living in the present, and last but not least we do not feel we are living very fulfilling lives.

So what is the solution?: To make a conscious decision that you will Move Towards Living a Balanced Life.. A balance life that includes Meditation/Contemplation/or Prayer, being in Nature and connecting to the outdoor elements, having lots and lots of fun and laughter,
exercise, nurturing oneself with quiet and rest, of course a healthy diet that serves your body, remembering to breath consciously, and do our best to live in the moment.
Give up the need to drive yourself to exhaustion and having to be perfect, and simply keep running on empty all of the time.

Each individual knows what is best for him or herself when it comes to how we can best nurture or nourish ourselves. It might seem that in order to undue a life-long pattern it could be a challenge to get off the treadmill and really enjoy one’s life. It’s great to be BUSY – and live a Balanced Life too!. We are here on this sweet planet to enjoy our lives and our experiences.
Be well, and do remember – One of the most important relationships we have in our lives is the one we have with ourself.

Warm Spring Blessings to all,
Psychic, Wise Woman, Flower Essence Consultant and Workshop Presenter.

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